Lancaster County's-The Clock Towers Luxury Condominiums

Historical Clock Towers

Built in 1874, as the Adams and Perry Watch Company, then becoming Hamilton Watch Company, now turned to Luxury Condos, A+ Masons were privileged to restore large portions of this Historical Building. Using environmentally friendly methods to capture much of the dusts and debris that expel from the grinding tools; we were able to restore the exterior of this building, by replacing deteriorating brick and using lime mortar to adhere to old bricks while maintaining its integrity. Having the project managers choose the most fitting color of mortar, the project finished well and they are pleased! We are very honored to be able to make a lasting impression in Lancaster County through this Historical Building, and know it will be attractive to many who dwell or visit this Historical landmark in years to come!

        Our desire for excellence and expertise in this area ensures our customers that we would be the best fit to restore any Historical Property to its former glory! 

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