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Provide excellent masonry work for all the customers we are privileged to serve, and give our employees an exceptional work experience

About us:
We are a family owned business and operate with our incredible team!


Arlan E. Hurst, owner of A+ Masonry Restorations LLC, had worked for F.E. Horst Masonry from 2003-2011. He also had opportunity to teach many children and youth in Lancaster City from 2002-2019 in Christ-centered ways. As Arlan pondered the disappointments that many of the youth expressed in their difficulty acquiring work, an opportunity arose to re-point a wall for their neighbors' new landlord. This led others in the neighborhood, to request Arlan's services as well. The various new opportunities to work in masonry restoration made Arlan and his wife, Rosemary, decide to establish A+ Masonry Restorations LLC in 2011. Arlan's boss was supportive, letting him know he wanted Arlan's dreams to become reality! Humbled by his kindness, they began to hire and train some of their former students along with other great workers that came along the way. As a Lancaster County resident and professional mason, Arlan, knows the value in providing men with an occupation that they can be proud of. Equally important is their desire to provide their customers with great overall customer experience, top quality workmanship, and great relationships with their vendors as well!  

Arlan & Rosemary Hurst


Passionate about serving and loving others like Jesus,  Arlan & Rosemary share a fulfilled life with their four children. They enjoy the laborious art of masonry and the opportunities it allows them to create beautiful surroundings for their customers to enjoy! 
Manolo E.

A+  Mason

Manolo is an exemplary employee, with many years of experience in stone masonry. He is sweet Father and Husband, and we are blessed to have him be part of this Company!
Juan E.

Job Leader

Juan is a highly skilled and  kind man willing to take ownership and pride in what he does. Juan has more than 7 years of experience in stone masonry, and you can be confident that your project will be done with utmost workmanship!
Daniel P.
Daniel P.

A+  Mason

Trained as a mason since the age of 16, by his loving Father, Daniel is an enthusiastic worker who enjoys his profession! 
Brandy B.

Job Leader

Brandy is a compassionate man who cares deeply about his craft! He leads the Historic brick restoration. He is excellent at serving our customers and his team members well! Your project is in good hands with Brandy who has over 6 years of Masonry experience. 
Aaron H.


Aaron is Arlan's Father and his wisdom and knowledge are greatly appreciated at A+! He will help guide you through the process of evaluating your masonry needs and providing a great solution!
Bryant Picture 2022_edited.jpg
Bryant M.

A+  Mason

Bryant is a quiet yet productive young man, willing to work hard in providing excellent work for our customers. He is a great team player and we are honored to have him part of the A+ Team!

Summer Team



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