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Heavy rains, freezing temperatures, and old age are among few things that can damage chimneys. It is essential to get these repairs done in good time so that the rain would not ruin any dry walls inside your home. Protect your home by beginning at the top… your chimney! 


Natural flagstone has been the material of choice for customers looking to add durability and elegance to their distinctive project. There are many stone variations that can be chosen to best compliment your project. We install flagstone and other natural landscape stones on walk ways, patios, fireplaces and more.


Your home should be a relaxing and enjoyable place for you and your loved ones. Discover the possibilities of what can be done to the interior of your home to give it a charming and relaxing atmosphere. A+ Masons can guide you through each step in the process of your interior masonry projects!

Lancaster County is a gorgeous county in Pennsylvania home to kind and creative people who care about their neighbors and surroundings! Whether you live in PA or decide to just visit, you will be impressed with the beauty you'll see and experience all around you! From tranquil country to it's sophisticated urban culture you can see why we do our best to provide masonry services and restorations to Lancaster County, the place where many are glad to call home!

We do for others what we would want done for us!
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